"I do not know what meaning classical studies could have for our time if they were not untimely - that is to say, acting counter to our time and thereby acting on our time and, let us hope, for the benefit of a time to come." —Nietzsche, Unzeitgemässe Betrachtungen Betrachtungen=observation: consideration: speculation.

As to translation of Unzeitgemässe: old-fashioned: unfashionable: outmoded: anachronistic: unseasonal: ummodern: untimely.

Hence this book's various titles in English: Untimely Meditations (Kaufmann), Thoughts Out of Season (Ludovici), Untimely Reflections (Hayman), Unmodern Observations (Arrowsmith) and Inopportune Speculations, Unfashionable Observations, or Essays in Sham Smashing (Menk).