On the way to Santa Prassede, following the detour of buses, running into a truck whose emblem is a head inside a gear marked "San Precario" or "Saint Precarious": A spirited, nearing joyous, parade against (re)becoming minds in flight: the demonstrations of precari, workers, researchers without security, enact their part of the "manifestazione continua" rising up against the widening gap between rich and poor against the backdrop of self-convenient adjustments of justice on the part of the nation's Premier, in streets dipping into Carolingian basilicas where the hosterie advertise a "Hard Times Menu" (bruschetta, grilled sausage or rigatoni all'amatriciana, and a small bottle of water coming in under 10 euros).

In the same streets, the Casa Povnd posters celebrate the philosophers of fascism and syllabate racism of ambiguous parameters.

The words of Pasolini brought to a poster in flight before the obelisk of Santa Maria Maggiore: "we don't want to be immediately / already so dreamless."