Since 2008, Jennifer Scappettone has worked with choreographer/director Kathy Westwater and architect/designer Seung Jae Lee on multiple iterations of the performance work PARK, which explores the transformation of the distressed contemporary landscape from a site of trauma to a commons. In February 2010 portions of PARK were presented in New York City at Dance Theater Workshop (now New York Live Arts) during Kathy Westwater's Studio Space Residency, featuring choreography and direction by Kathy Westwater; poetry and vocal concept by Jennifer Scappettone; art direction by Seung Jae Lee; music by Sean Meehan and Toshimura Nakamura; and performances by Westwater, Abby Block, Rebecca Brooks, Phil Colosi, Rebecca Davis, Ursula Eagly, and Kazu Nakamura. A review of the NY Live Arts showing by Thom Donovan appears here.

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PARK at Fresh Kills is a site-specific interdisciplinary performance series developed by Westwater, Scappettone, and Lee over the course of two creative residencies at Fresh Kills Landfill, on Staten Island, New York in 2010 and 2011. The work was presented on-site while the landfill was still in operation on June 26, 2010 and on November 5, 2011. Tours of the Freshkills Park site introducing visitors to the site’s complex engineering, infrastructure, and ecology preceded the showings.

2010 showing: Choreography/direction: Kathy Westwater; poetry & text scores: Jennifer Scappettone; art direction: Seung Jae Lee; performers: Maggie Bennett, Rebecca Brooks, Rebecca Davis, Ursula Eagly, Melissa Guerrero, Belinda He, Kazu Nakamura, Jeremy Phieffer, Jennifer Scappettone, Kathy Westwater, and Enrico Wey; Paper dress/shirts: Jesse Alpern

Read responses to the 2010 showing by EJ McAdams and John Keene.

In 2011, the collaborators conducted a second, iLAND-supported residency at Fresh Kills, in collaboration with Freshkills Park and the New York Department of Sanitation, culminating in a public showing that was discussed at the iLAB Moving Into the Out There symposium at the New School in March 2012. See materials from this iteration at The Volta's special feature devoted to Trash. Another video excerpt appears here.

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PARK PDX was featured at Reed College's RAW: GEOGRAPHIES festival in March 2011.

PARK SCORES #3 was presented in the sculpture garden of the Pratt Institute in April 2013, sponsored by the Office of Recuperative Strategies.

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Residencies at the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and at the Millay Colony in 2012 offered additional support to this work.

Research, process and field notes appear within Scappettone's lyrical essay "Garbage Arcadia: Digging for Choruses in Fresh Kills," first published in Terrain Vague: The Interstitial as Site, Concept, Intervention, Ed. Patrick Barron and Manuela Mariani (Routledge, Fall 2013). A revised and expanded version of "A Garbage Arcadia" appears in The Republic of Exit 43.