#5 of the Elders Series for Belladonna Books, 2009: Poetry, Landscape, Apocalypse. Featuring a preface and pop-up pastorals by Jennifer Scappettone and new writing by Etel Adnan and Lyn Hejinian.

"Here is a task of poetry: to sense the terrain in a city that has done its utmost to balk at the limits and curvatures of landscape, to obscure its own shores and patterns of light; to seek out the margins disregarded by business, a few blocks or thousand miles away. And cast the echoes: twinned Axis of Rivers, Twin Rivers, Towers. To throw those echoes trammeled by our time-space continuum of information, virtual plenitude, into more expansive relation, restoring distances, hostilities even. Into riverine lines—of social affects and affections, a neighborliness and a crossing that is not a leveling of identity between these and 'the un-visited latitudes,' animal, landscape, other."

—from the preface