Locomotrix: Selected Poetry and Prose of Amelia Rosselli. Edited and translated by Jennifer Scappettone. Published by the University of Chicago Press, Spring 2012. Winner of the Raiziss/de Palchi Book Prize for 2012.

“In the landscape of twentieth-century Italian writing, Amelia Rosselli’s poems stand out as a unique achievement, cultivating oblique, discontinuous forms that mix social diagnosis and satire, memory and introspection, tragedy and utopianism. Jennifer Scappettone’s editorial project is a work of cultural restoration that helps to create a broader context in which the anglophone reader can more fully appreciate Italian poetic traditions. But she has done much more: drawing on her own formidable skills as an experimental poet in English, Scappettone has produced an ambitiously innovative translation whose effects are at once stunning and uncanny in recreating the Italian. The result is a body of poetry that is challenging, to be sure, yet tremendously powerful.”  —Lawrence Venuti, Temple University

Reviews: Giulia Niccolai, "La locomozione di Amelia Rosselli," Il verri, Fall 2012; Barry Schwabsky, "Swallow the Meat in the Jargon," Hyperallergic, 28 October 2012; Peter Hainsworth, "Sisters in Suffering," Times Literary Supplement, 29 June 2012; an online essay by Marco Giovenale; Giovenale's review in Il manifesto, alongside notes on contemporary American poetry (and Exit 43) by Daniela Daniele