Feature section on contemporary Italian poetry guest-edited by Jennifer Scappettone, 2008

Featuring critical preface and poetry and prose in translation by Amelia Rosselli, Nanni Cagnone, Milli Graffi, Giuliano Mesa, Marco Giovenale, and Giovanna Frene (trans. Jennifer Scappettone); and poetry in translation by Emilio Villa (trans. Pasquale Verdicchio), Andrea Zanzotto (trans. Patrick Barron), Maria Attanasio (trans. Carla Billitteri), Andrea Raos (trans. Kathleen Fraser), Gherardo Bortolotti (trans. Stefania Heim and Peter Pihos), and Massimo Sannelli (trans. Chiara Daino).

"Locating the current in this fissured, contradictory, history-hauling state is no easy task, and diverging from those already identified and shelved has involved much self-confoundment for this guest editor. This labor, some on paper, some onscreen, some, as habitual in that culture, in the open air - was a labor of seeking and finding comfort in being lost. This is no genealogy, then, nor a map, but a set of paces, of passi, toward a language of emergence in Italy - toward what is being called 'the poetry of research.'"

—from the preface by Jennifer Scappettone