Video on "Vase Poppies," Week 10 of Modern & Contemporary American Poetry, 2017 syllabus

"Corporal Score: Notes Toward the Composition of a Chorus [Line]," with Tonya Foster at Emergency Reading Series, January 2010

"Poetry, Landscape, Apocalypse," with Lyn Hejinian at Kelly Writers House, February 2009

Jennifer Scappettone delivers the 2018-2019 Leslie Scalapino Lecture in Innovative Poetics: "Agitation of a Copper Lyre: Geopoetics of Entanglement vs./within the Wireless Imagination," March 15th, 2019, at UC Berkeley. Introduction by Lyn Hejinian.

Smokepenny Lyrichord Heavenbred: An Archaeology of the Cloud (with musical performance by Killick Hinds). Jennifer Scappettone and Judd Morrissey discuss the intertwining of documentary poetics of place and poetics of virtual and augmented reality, centered around their interactive virtual & augmented reality work "LAMENT; Or, The Mind Has Been Opened Up Well."
Al and Anna are joined by Jennifer Scappettone at the Kelly Writers House's Wexler Studio to discuss her poem/visual piece, "was no one / way went Alice." Enroll anytime in "ModPo," a free, open, online course on Modern and Contemporary American Poetry, at

Exile and Creativity: The Two Amelia Rossellis, at the Institute of Italian Culture, NYC: Amelia Rosselli’s Disintegrated Cantons: Songs of a Community to Come

Part 12 of the MLA Off-Site Poetry Reading from 2009 in Philadelphia: McCreary, Scappettone, Howe

Rabbit Light Movies (curated by Joshua Marie Wilkinson)—Episode #11