Paris, March 28, 1930—Rome, February 11, 1996 On the fifteenth anniversary of a tragic death, a general strike brings 30 years of autocratic rule in Egypt down. Words, vs., not composed in vain.

(Wall Street Journal, however: "US Stocks Climb Higher after Mubarak Steps Down." vs. AR's "I try one market—then I try the next...." leading to "revolutions of content / and attempts at revolution within content.")

...We had to

express something better: be given

to rhetoric that was a howl

of protest against that undaunted

destruction in our frightened

houses. (I lost that love

to the vertical, to solitary god

revolutionizing me through the people

removing me from heaven.)

—from "General Strike 1969," in Document, forthcoming in Locomotrix: Selected Poetry and Prose of Amelia Rosselli