Peter Rockwell on hand tools, marble holes, direct carving of the dolors of Mary crowned by monster base and ascension, illegal sculpture on abandoned chapels, illegal tri-headed rose sandstone window, & just plain liking monsters, massive stone monsters carved to be climbed: finally understanding the material dialectic of stone and thought in Pound's Cantos with plenitude, & how it emerged from his friendship with Gaudier-Brzeska. Over dinner, Hirst's suspended sharks and "Superstition" come up somehow amid discussion of how much demimelodic jinglejunk was to clog one's young mind in the post-Watergate era of folgers crystals and calgon. Dialectic biosphere he makes of zappers and flies.

Dialectic Rome makes in those unlucky types nostalgic for the present. Immediacy of the channels in it traceable to somebody's hands.

Of Ponte Sisto vs. chrysalis I was vs. shadow.