The Dihedrons Gazelle-Dihedrals Zoom arrived this morning—or before, I just didn't know where my mailbox was. In a video taken by Konrad Steiner on Valentine's Day, 2010, Leslie Scalapino says she thinks it's her best work. I cannot read more than a few sentences at a time without ricocheting away from the book into glee-spasms.

"Translate a whole flesh-butterfly-other-hybrid outside of its being, outside its language here—Lisa—translate it to be its idea of its action—as if the other language, of it outside it, is its structure or theory, its real self, while the occurrence-hybrid-itself may be an idea but as only its whole framework of occurrences later. Where we cannot see the use or relation of imagination to idea/occurrence, the gazelle-dihedrals are open organs all visible

"in frames human-like that zoom forward as plains of sight action

"Roaming, they may be suffering or there's terror everything opened

"by here being sensorial flattening blissful also in common people's

"seizure to summarize any thing extrapolating the sensual object without being

"'now' is mere illusion of its encapsulation ahead future—

"that doesn't exist anyway—without pretext"