New York, New York, East Village still alive despite!: on Monday night I will attempt to talk within your hood about the possibility of fashioning a collective text of resistance in the face of the new authoritarianisms and the legacy of brutalized networks of solidarity. Provisional title: To Breach the Walls of the Republic: Harvesting & Arming Choruses in a Time of Twitler.

To speak to, toward, the notion of digging, unsheathing, weaving and weaponization of language collectives in epochs of political stoppage: chorus lines, or rather broken obsolete choruses [cori spezzati]—power lines

"singing rot" (as Rosselli says)

versus undead plastic despotic corporate persons, to breach the walls of the (evermore-becoming-sham) Republic.

Poets invoked, implicitly or explicitly, will include Sophocles, Hölderlin, Anne Carson, Lewis Carroll, Berthold Brecht, Al Dubin, Eelu Kiviranta, Joe Hill, Arturo Giovannitti, Benito Mussolini, Amelia Rosselli, Gwendolyn Brooks, and LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs.

I miss you, come out come out—