My Atelos book of poems and poem-like materials surrounding the corporate dump is now officially available here, thanks to the essential people of Small Press Distribution. The acknowledgments are epic given that these pollutant scores passed through the hands, bodies, and voices of many friends—but I want to give a special shout-out to Lyn Hejinian and Travis Ortiz, the founders and makers of Atelos; to Marco Ariano, Renato Ciunfrini, and Roberto Fega of the Difforme Ensemble, and Ersela Kripa and Karen Yasinsky and Camilla Poidomani for their Roman choruses; to Judd Morrissey for so many digital, embodied, and AR pop-up experiments from the center of this blasted continent; to Jae Lee and Kathy Westwater and a constantly evolving group of performers, beginning with Abby Block, Rebecca Brooks, and Rebecca Davis, for working through these words via PARK in landfill mounds, studios, campuses of the archipelago of New York; to Andrea Inglese, for commissioning the image that eventually made its way to the cover; to Marco Giovenale and Milli Graffi, for taking on the impossible dialogue of their translation into Italian; to my friends of the Institute at WUHO Gallery, for hosting the Leave Loom; to Rachel Levitsky, for being the pieces' first publisher at Belladonna; and to everybody who helped me think about these pieces while they were still making their way into book form. Appreciating now more than ever their collaboration and camaraderie.