Occupy Poeticsclick above to read this free chapbook curated by Thom Donovan for Essay Press!

In Occupy Poetics, Thom Donovan collects a series of responses to the Occupy movement to observe how aesthetics and politics might intersect—

with Brian Ang, Steve Benson, Ana Božičević, David Brazil, Brandon Brown, David Buuck, Anelise Chen, Stephen Collis, Lara Durback, Jackqueline Frost, Dan Thomas Glass, Evan Kennedy, Ben Kimnont, Lauren Levin, Richard Owens, Jennifer Scappettone, Suzanne Stein, Anna Vitale, Jeanine Webb, Kathy Westwater and Brian Whitener

Excerpt from Introduction from the Vital Forms (Poetics of Healing) Symposium:

“If formatting determines not just content, but how we gather, then exploring new modalities for participation is absolutely essential for change. Poets have complained ceaselessly about the fourth wall of the poetry reading as a genre. Certainly the People’s Mic offers one solution to this problem.”