For the summer of 2015, the WUHO Gallery on Hollywood Boulevard has been transformed by the Institute into an open laboratory. Work on emerging spatial environments has generated salons, workshops, performances, and rituals by residents, rogue scientists, and radical philologists. See the outcomes and their byproducts on the last night of Open Laboratories:

The Grand Finissage Thursday August 27, 2015

7:30 pm

WUHO Gallery, 6518 Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028 Institute is:

Berenika Boberska, Peter Culley, Scrap Marshall, Heather Peterson, Jennifer Scappettone, Joshua G. Stein, Rossen Ventzislavov

Institute, a cross-disciplinary experimental spatial research unit, was established in 2014 at WUHO—the Woodbury University Hollywood Outpost. The residents investigate opportunities and limitations for placemaking conjecture at home and away, in contemporary and near-future settings. Threads of medievality, the uncanny, and the barely plausible weave through dialogues that infiltrate immediate yet eclipsed issues of our contemporary environments. Follow the final events through August @instituit and at wuho.architecture.woodbury.edu