¡Lectura de YAhora!: AN LA READING

Avenue 50 Studio 131 N. Avenue 50 Los Angeles, CA 90042


Co-curated/uncurated by Antena (Jen Hofer and John Pluecker) and co-sponsored by the Bluebird Reading Series and Writ Large Press, YAhora will take place one day after the &Now festival ends.

YAhora invites you to listen to work that traverses borders, ignores borders, contemplates borders, performs or de-performs borders, and inhabits or critiques or celebrates the mixing of cultures, languages and experiences that Los Angeles invites.

We'll have all multilingual work, work in translation (with originals), or work written in a language other than English by the following people:

Antena (Spanish) Oana Avasilichioaei (French and Romanian) Jessica Ceballos (Spanish) Gregoire Pam Dick (German) Patrick Greaney (French and Italian) Marco Antonio Huerta (Spanish) Hilary Kaplan (Portuguese) Lucas de Lima (Portuguese -- maybe) Román Luján (Spanish) Jennifer Scappettone (Italian) Carlos Soto-Román (Spanish) Chiwan Choi (Korean) Alexis Almeida elena minor (Spanish) Christian Hawkey (Arabic/Spanish/French) And More!

YAhora is an opportunity for writers who have come to &Now from all over the U.S. and beyond and fellow writers in Los Angeles to connect, to converse, and to learn about each other’s works and worlds. We intend this event as a way for folks who have attended &Now to engage with the literary and cultural community of the larger cross-border Los Angeles region, and as an opportunity for writers from greater Los Angeles who can’t attend &Now to experience some of the amazing writers who will be at the festival.

We are excited for wild cacophony, joyous multilingual entanglements, and not understanding everything we hear. Come out!