Laura Mullen and Angela Hume christen 2014 with this special issue of The Volta devoted to garbage. From Angela's introduction: "What we know is this: that the controlled administration, attrition, and disposal of life is now the rule of the west. The biopolitical state requires it: radical expendability in the name of furthering “democracy”—that triumvirate of science/technology, capital, and government." The issue includes a special feature on PARK—including glimpses of a November 2011  performance/installation at Fresh Kills Landfill, fruit of a collaborative residency with choreographer Kathy Westwater and architect Seung-Jae Lee sponsored by iLAND, through text, scores, stills, and a brief video clip.

The staggering list of contributors includes Norma Cole, Lily Hoang, and Dana Maya; Alice Notley; E.J. McAdams, Frances Richard, and Alli Warren; John David O'Brien; Andy Young; Rusty Morrison; Marthe Reed; Joseph Lease; Brenda Hillman; Tim Kahl; David Brazil; Samuel Ace; Teddy López Mills, trans. Wendy Burk; Gillian Hamel; Eléna Rivera; Martha Ronk; Jonathan Skinner; Molly Weigel; Jennifer Tamayo; Catherine Owen & Sydney Lancaster; Lisa Cattrone; Rob Halpern; CA Conrad; Allison Cobb; Ted Mathys; a rawlings; and Jonathan Regler.

Fresh Kills, Fall 2011. Photo: Jennifer Scappettone