Come see X Locus (Abluvion), a collaborative installation by Jennifer Scappettone (text/sound design), Paul Rudy (sound design), and Agency Architecture (environmental media), at the Open Studios event at the American Academy in Rome Wednesday, 25 May, 2011. Il consiglio di amministrazione dell'American Academy in Rome William B. Hart, Presidente del consiglio di amministrazione Adele Chatfield-Taylor, FAAR'84, Presidente e CEO Christopher S. Celenza, FAAR'94, Direttore

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Open Studios 25 maggio ore 18.00-21.00 McKim, Mead & White Building Via Angelo Masina, 5

Dike Blair Casey Lance Brown Thomas J. Campanella Felipe Dulzaides Fritz Haeg Ersela Kripa & Stephen Mueller Giovanna Latis John Matteo Jeremy Mende Sarah Oppenheimer Mark Rabinowitz Marco Raparelli Laurie W. Rush Joshua G. Stein Adrian Van Allen Karen Yasinsky con la partecipazione di Jennifer Scappettone

Lettura 27 maggio ore 18.00 Villa Aurelia Largo di Porta San Pancrazio, 1

Jay Hopler Heather McGowan

Concerto 28 maggio ore 21.00 Villa Aurelia Largo di Porta San Pancrazio, 1

Huck Hodge Paul Rudy

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Gli Open Studios sono stati in parte realizzati grazie al supporto di The Cowles Charitable Trust.

I concerti sono stati resi possibili grazie al sostegno di The Aaron Copland Fund for Music, Fromm Music Foundation, Herman Goldman Foundation, Estate of Kent W. Kennan, RAAR'39, e Janice e George Scantland.

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X Locus (Abluvion)

Lyric and sound design: Jennifer Scappettone

Sound design: Paul Rudy

Environmental media: Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller

Music: Marco Ariano (percussion; objects); Renato Ciunfrini (saxes and clarinets; electronics); Roberto Fega (electronics)

X Locus (Abluvion) is the underground edition of a collaborative site-specific installation presented in April 2011 in the cortile of the McKim, Mead, and White building at the American Academy in Rome. Occupying the cryptoporticus directly below the compound courtyard, X Locus (Abluvion) focuses on animating the hollows beneath our feet here and in greater Rome. Environmental media reliquefy the corridor that hosts a tract of the 1,902-year-old Acqua Traiana while from within the aqueduct, lyrics draw potential listeners into cycles of use, abuse, and disuse of infrastructure for the public good, rendering tortuous the lofty, yet blinded vantage point of our postpastoral and near-apocalyptic moment. Choral utterances emerge from a blighted underground—montages of voices salvaged from the community and from pastoral poetry, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Lewis Carroll’s Alice—sounding the role of such conduits as agents in powering mills to feed the city, deviant behaviors, and sieges of empire.

Jennifer Scappettone would like to thank her collaborators and the members of the community whose conversation and performances contributed to this narrative archive, including Dike Blair, Chris Boswell, Case Brown, Felipe Dulzaides, Michael Ezban, Aparna Keshaviah, Karl Kirchwey, Ersela Kripa, Stephen Mueller, Gianni Ponti, Danica Pusic, Andrew Riggsby, Joshua Stein, Mona Talbott, Derek Walcott, Jana Van der Goot, Simon Verity, Karen Yasinsky, Lila Yawn, and our friends at Roma Sotterranea.