Roberto Saviano, of Gomorrah fame, points exacting eyes at a mountain that would rise 15,600 meters high, far higher than Everest, of amalgamated waste illegally dumped by criminal organizations in traffic that nearly exceeds the profits of narcotics trafficking. And on the transit of toxins from the industrial centers of the North to the refuse-heaps surrounding Mount Vesuvius—stopped from proceeding on to Africa—as part of the sixteen-year garbage "emergency." North and South, united in garbage. [youtube yM5pLY0ggzo]

Hanging lights above teeming trash piles dampens the Christmas spirit, they report from Naples.

In the countryside of Acerra, in the periphery of that city, 1 million tons of toxic sludge from Port Marghera, the economic boon or disaster on the mainland of Venice.

"Ci tolgono l'aria. E va buo', e che vo' fa'?—è cosa 'e niente." "They take the air from us. & aright, whaddaya wanna do about it?—it's no big deal."

Following years of declarations that Naples had become a "Western" city, that the crisis was resolved.

View from the elevator of the St. Mark's Campanile reconstructed immaculately "where it was, as it was" & rendered one of the square's priciest attractions, which warns tourists in the universal language of legible signs that no sounding alarm, no writing is allowed.