From Hypersonnet, XI by Andrea Zanzotto, central section of Il Galateo in bosco or The Woodland Book of Manners: “a che e per chi di nota in nota illinguo/questo che non fu canto, eloquio, ciarla?”

a stab at this canticle: "to what and for whom from illingual note to note/is this which wasn't song, utterance, loquaciousness?"

Talk on this hill sinking into contexts that feel ritual, primordial as a stretching Pasolini table in dissent of one's now customary foodlessness of exchange. Eloquio as location, bi/lingual trust interface, all exposure, duration of absorption, of response scored and tremulousness, brave. Recollecting the rapport not contest between speech, sustenance, commotion.

And pushing further, between language, space, and "motation," as Jana, an architect, notes over our talk of sacrifice, decoration, and waste over chanterelles with polenta, via Lawrence Halprin.

Ostia, she points out, means mouth.