Preparation for re-de-detached-culture shock: on unearthing as exile, as translation: the commune of my citizenship afar has written this letter to alert me that it is "living with intense commotion the events of the Pompilian Jubilee" in which "we band together to live the most solemn moment,...the ostentation of the Body of S. Pompilio, which will be translated from the Salentine Fields" & that "in a life of exile from his land, he deserves to celebrate his 300th birthday with all his fellow citizens and especially with those who, like him, have experimented with [or "experienced," in a duality that has sparked much discussion among friends of late] detachment and distance from their natal land." This the morning after I am re-obsessing over the grandeur of George Oppen's "Animula," which is essentially a translation after Hadrian's "Animula Vagula, Blandula"; you can hear Oppen read it at PennSound:   \Animula\

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This post was originally called NEXT EXIT as a placeholder and is not being written on July 8th.

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