An archaeology of the dump and opera of pop-up pastorals, published in book form by Atelos Press: with a sequel in progress surrounding the wiring, piping, exploitation and afterlives of copper.

This book's outtakes include virtually accessible pop-up pastorals; audio; pop-ups transformed into scores for PARK, &  bits filmed here and here.

The Republic of Exit 43: Selected Outtakes in the Making of a Book” was a talk at Carthage College, November 2017.

Geotext web installations under construction in collaboration with Judd Morrissey...see them here.

Scores utilized for X Locus: Cortile and X Locus: Abluvion, installed at the American Academy in Rome, were first published at textsound.

An interview with G.C. Waldrep for The Arcadia Project: North American Postmodern Pastoral, and accompanying navigable panorama poem, appears here.

An interview with Leonard Schwartz for Cross-Cultural Poetics is archived at PennSound, here.

Conversations surrounding this work appear at Impossible Object.

Selections were published in Jubilat, and more with preface (and cover) in LIT.

Collaborations on sonic interpretations of pop-up pastorals with the Difforme Ensemble (one still below).

A video produced with Marco Ariano and  video artist Walter Paradiso is in progress.