Many language events are being churned for this Spring. Here are some that I'll be involved in, starting tomorrow: Friday, March 29, American Comparative Literature Association conference, UCLA: 8:30 am, presenting work on the Statue of Liberty, smelted citizenship, and poetic forms of protest, Haines 118 4-5:30 pm, reading poetry alongside the singular Keston Sutherland, Schoenberg Hall, room 1100 6-8 pm, reading a smidgeon alongside featured readers Will Alexander, Evelyn Reilly, and Vanessa Angélica Villarreal, and also Kristin George Bagdanov, Chris Chen, Margaret Ronda, Eric Sneathen, Jeanne Vaccaro, and Stephanie Young, Faculty Common Room 193, Humanities Building

Thursday, April 12, University of Chicago, 1 pm: panel on literary translation with Haun Saussy, Anne Cheng (from Collège de France) and Stéphane Feuillas (from Paris-8)

Thursday, April 19, Cal State Los Angeles: reading and speaking on poetry and environmental justice, 1:30-3 pm

Friday, April 20, University of Colorado at Boulder: Innovative Criticism symposium, with Ashon Crawley, Sasha Steensen, and Brian Branchfield, 5-7 pm Saturday, April 21, Counterpath Gallery, Denver: readings/performances and potluck with Ashon Crawley, Sasha Steensen, and Brian Branchfield, 5-7 pm

Thursday, May 9, University of Washington, Bothell: reading and talk about poetry and gothic infrastructure, 8-10 pm

Friday-Saturday May 10-11, Los Angeles: Feminist Poetics, Emergent Pedagogies Symposium, Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Chinatown: presenting on panel and giving workshop on generative forms of waste, plus Friday night reading at Poetic Research Bureau, with Tia Blassingame, Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, Erika Kaufman, and Celina Su, hosted by Margaret Rhee and Andrea Quaid: Submit! at http://www.feministpoeticsemergentpedagogies.com