Hieroglyphs of the Anti-commodity

Counter-Signals 2 Fall 2017 – Winter 2018 Edited by Jack Henrie Fisher Published by Other Forms Buy

Jack Henrie Fisher Editorial — Alan Moore Edit deAk (1950–2017) — Chris Reeves Alloturgies in the Annex: Something Else Press and the Fluxus Mode of Production — Lucy Mulroney Self-woven, Self-shod, and Self-liberated — T’ai Smith Fashion Capitalism, Part 2: 
The Frock Coat and the Value Form — T’ai Smith Fashion Capitalism, Part 3: 
The Mode of the Libidinal Economy — Lisa Vinebaum New Demands, Part 1 — Eirik Steinhoff Scenes of Instruction, Scenes of Insurrection — Nane Diehl Bookmark — Jennifer Scappettone 1-M@n Dr1ll: Smokepenny Lyrichord Heavenbred, Act III — Francesco Marullo Ocean Flights and Crashed Planes: A Reading of Brecht’s Two Learning Plays — John A. Tyson Between Marxism and Cybernetics: Seth Siegelaub’s Committed Compilations — David Bennewith Technical Images for Social Engineering — Charlotte Taillet and Joel Colover Imagine holding out your hands and catching words, pictures, and information floating by. — Josh MacPhee Anarchism in your Pocket: The Rise of Mass-market Anti-authoritarianism — Christopher Burke Modernism and Traditionalism:
Points of Convergence in 
European Typography, 1925–1950 — Chris Lee Strike and Riot: A Possible Syllabus — Tom Fisher Literary Communism and Communal Poetics, Part 2 — Alexander Negrelli Untotal Basic Remarks 
on CGI — Nellie Kluz Feedback in Radical Software — Juliette Cezzar 
(illustrations by TXTbooks) The Digital Dilemna: Meaning, Environment, Counter-culture, 
and Aesthetics — Bertolt Brecht The Radio as an Apparatus of Communication