Many thanks to Katherine Duckworth, whom I've never met, for singling out The Republic of Exit 43 among the teeming volumes of February as a Small Press Distribution Staff Pick. Only 3 more days to snatch this and all other recommended February titles up at 20% off with the code SPDPICKS....Click here:

recommended by
Katherine Duckworth

THE REPUBLIC OF EXIT 43 exists in the toxic landfill of the author's childhood neighborhood—Scappettone, a poet, scholar, translator, and performance artist weaves the garbage of this history into part epic poetry, part language landfill, which at times feels like text generated from some corporate mechanism. Scappettone suggests in the underture, "when in reading you're caught in redundancy, it's because we've reached uroboreality, a point of spatiorhetorical choke." Many of these outtakes have existed and will exist off page—but this book leaves ample room for the imagination of possibility for this project in alternate spaces as well as an anticipation to catch a future performance. Though it is worth a gander for the photographs, maps, and collages that are included.