Read issue no. 10 of Blackbox Manifold! Edited by Alex Houen and Adam Piette out of Cambridge and Sussex, with work by Billy Cancel, Rick Crilly, Josh Ekroy, Michael Farrell, Joanna Grigg, Bernard Henrie, Joan Harvey, David Herd, Beau Hopkins, Drew Milne & John Kinsella (together), Peter Larkin, Robert Mueller, Sandeep Parmar, Peter Riley, Jennifer Scappettone, Kerrin P. Sharpe, Nathan Thompson, Corey Wakeling, Duncan White and Rachel Zolf; an essay by Sam Ladkin on Frank O’Hara, and a review of John Matthias by Adam Piette. With gratitude for their patience with my IO, a latest appearance from Exit 43:


poesyJ. Scappettone