From a country that hasn't, despite every marketing effort, adopted it as commercial enterprise: that redefinitions of relations continue to press toward equity, here, where the gender gap is such that it scores 74th among world nations (meaning, to choose a seemingly petty example, that 95% of Italian males have never operated a washing machine)—

and in more apparently "advanced" territories. For more on here & elsewhere, see the monumentally exciting megaproject called  A Megaphone: Some Enactments, Some Numbers, and Some Essays about the Continued Usefulness of Crotchless-pants-and-a-machine-gun Feminism (Chain Links, 2011), curated by Stephanie Young and Juliana Spahr, for which I edited a section on Italy.

This wish hereby issued with the inspiration of yesterday's assemblies, however tempting to dismiss by facile journalism and the cash that drives it...

[i.e., in latebreaking p.s. regarding the trial of April 7, the quip: "Women are always appreciated, sometimes even agreeable."]