Contra-diction bene-detta ("blessed," in translation that falls quite short) in the Foro Italico, once the Foro Mussolini, still marked by recordbreaking marble projectile; the mosaic




become mere arrowing pattern alongside Luigi Moretti's monolithic slabs,

poised, once, to receive the progression of incising episodes of Fascism that Duce, pointy at sky over Foro, pointed at—

eventually receiving instead declaration of the End of the Era & several marble blanks,

or more unpredictably, FAT-MARCO

evidence benedetta of a punctuatory lack of consensus

one'd be thankful for in the current climate—

since, upon second thought, Dvce-cum-Decvr's the more insidious fate as presence,

presence of politics as pattern, inherent, in the common duration...

presence so subtle as hardly to be reckoned with.